How do I know if I have a new message in chat?

When you have a new message in the chat you will always be notified through a notification native to your phone. Moreover, the chat tab will show a red badge that alerts you of a new message.

How can I see rides that already exist?

There are multiple ways to see the rides that already exist in Thumbeo:

  • Filters: You can use the filters to find rides, between existing filters have: origin and destination, driver name and tags
  • Markers: When you look at the map you can find some markers to symbolize the point of origin of an existing ride
  • Button “Where do you want to go?”: This quick access button allows you to select the origin and destination of the ride you intend, and shows you the results

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How can I follow a driver?

To follow a driver simply click the button  faq3_1  which is in the ride created by the driver.

Can I delete my account?

Yes, you can eliminate your Thumbeo account. For this you just need to go to the profile section and choose the “Delete your own account” which is written in red.


Can I send attachments by chat (e.g.: photos, videos, etc...) ?

You cannot send attachments with the Chat. The purpose of chat is to talk to other users of the ride to adjust details of the ride.

How do I know if my request for a ride was accepted?

When a request is made for a ride, the driver has a chance to accept or reject it. In either case, the client always get a notification of the driver’s decision, which is displayed on the Notifications section.


How I see people who are already in the ride?

It is only possible to see the people who are already in the ride in order to also already be inserted in it. To view just open the respective chat window to this ride and press the button faq7_1

How I see the tags that I am subscribe?

To see the tags to which it is subscrive simply go to the Profile section and clicking on the “Subscribed Tags” or the number associated with tags that lies below the profile picture.

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How do I create a new ride?

To create a new ride just click the + button that is in the upper right corner of the application. If you have not set your car model, you will be asked to set it.

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What are the advantages of using tags in my rides?

The advantage of using tags in your rides is to allow users subscribed to those tags to get a notification when your ride is published. Moreover, all users can search by those tags and easily find your rides.